If you move within the same electricity provider area as your old address, you can keep your subscription and your savings with you. You simply need to notify Halo in advance so that we can send your bills to the right property.
If you move within a different area as your old address but that the location is covered by Halo Community Solar, you can contact us in advance so that we can try and assign you to a new community solar project.
If you are a residential subscriber that moves to another state, country or to an area not covered by Halo, you can leave the program with no cancellation fee.

The main eligibility criteria to join Halo Community Solar is to be in the same electricity provider zone as the community solar array. After you have filled the form to join the program, you will be contacted by a Halo representative to guide you through your subscription and answer any other questions you might have.

Solar energy is a clean source of electricity because unlike coal or gas, it does not emit any CO2 or other harmful greenhouse gases that cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. By subscribing to Halo Community Solar, you are contributing to reducing air pollution, fighting climate change and transitioning our nation’s electricity mix away from fossil fuels. New community solar projects also contribute to renewing our nation’s electricity grid and making it cleaner and more efficient for both current and future generations.

As a Halo subscriber, you can log in to your Customer Portal to access real time information about your bill credits and your portion of the array’s production. You will be able to see how much the installation produces, how much money you have saved and how much carbon emissions have been avoided thanks to your subscription.

Absolutely not. This is one of the many benefits of Halo Community Solar. All maintenance is handled by Halo. We own, operate and maintain the array for up to 20 years and make sure that it functions properly. You can simply sign up and save knowing that you contribute to clean energy in your community.

There is no entrance fee or upfront investment to participate in the Halo Community Solar Program. We are able to offer a subscription at a discounted rate thanks to the incentives received by state programs like the SMART program (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) or the New York Sun program. Those policies compensate community solar providers like us for providing cost effective clean energy where it is most needed in the State. You can simply sign up and start saving money as soon as the project becomes live.

By subscribing to Halo Community Solar, you will save up to 10% on your electricity bill. Savings are determined by the solar credits that are applied to your bill, representing your portion of the electricity produced by the arrays. You pay for the electricity generated by the community solar project at a discounted rate of $0.90 for $1.00 worth of energy – ultimately saving up to 10% off your electric bill. Think of it like buying a gift card valued $100 from your utility for only 90$ and knowing that it is clean renewable energy.

You do not need to own your home to participate in Halo Community Solar. Renters can still participate in Halo Community Solar as long as they are paying for their electricity and the property consuming electricity is located in the same electricity service area as the community solar array. For any questions about eligibility criteria, contact a Halo Solar representative.

With Halo Community Solar, there is no need to install solar panels on your roof or electrical cables to your home. By subscribing to Halo, you will still receive electricity the same way as before. Our solar installations deliver electricity not directly to you, but to the grid of your electrical provider. Halo subscribers accumulate on bill credits based on their electrical consumption. These credits are then deducted from your electrical bill, saving you money without having to install any equipment at your home.

Halo Community Solar is present in the state of Massachusetts and will soon be available in New York. We are growing and always looking to power more homes with clean energy. If your area is not serviced at the time, we can contact you once a project becomes available in your area.

Halo Community Solar subscribers enjoy several benefits:

  • You contribute to clean energy being produced in your community, thus helping the environment by avoiding carbon emissions
  • You save money on your electricity bill
  • You help create local jobs in your community through the construction and maintenance of our solar farms
  • Your sign-up process is easy, and your billing is automatic so you don’t have to spend time processing your bills
  • You directly contribute to a positive change in your community while simply enjoying your electricity and your savings

Community Solar allows people who cannot or do not want to install solar panels at their homes or their business location to have access to solar energy. The process is simple: first we build a solar array in your utility service area. The clean electricity generated by the array is then distributed through the local utility grid to power homes and business across the territory. As a participant of the program, you receive solar credit (called Alternative On Bill Credits) on your electricity bill representing your portion of the power produced by our system. This way, without panels on your roof or investment, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.