Step 1

WE BUILD solar installations in your area while respecting the environment and neighborhoods.

Step 2

WE PRODUCE CLEAN ENERGY that is distributed through your local electric utilities to power nearby homes.

Step 3

YOU RECEIVE SOLAR CREDITS Based on the energy produced by the off-site solar installations. No need for cables or roof construction, whether you live in a house, an apartment or run a small business.

Step 4

YOU SAVE! The solar credits are applied to your bill so you can save money on your electricity. This way saving money AND helping the environment is easy.


How it works:

We install solar farms near your community. A portion of this shared solar farm will generate clean renewable energy on your behalf. The electricity produced is delivered to your local utility and powers homes and businesses in your area.

We work with your utility provider to give easy and reliable access to this renewable energy. Thanks to your community solar subscription, your local grid is powered with clean energy. In exchange, you receive renewable energy credits on your bill. You will see a positive credit on your regular electricity bill representing the power produced on your behalf.

While you are paying less for your electricity and saving on the solar credits, you can still use your electricity at home without any interruption. Your community solar subscription allows you to reduce your electricity bill in a safe and responsible way. The State sponsors the program and regulates all providers to ensure safe and compliant practices.

By signing up for Halo, you participate in a community solar program that has proven its value in your state and benefits you and your family.

What it is:

Community solar makes solar energy available to homes or buildings that wouldn’t have access to it otherwise, because they don’t want to (or can’t) install solar panels.
In the United States, 80% of households cannot install solar at their homes. The reasons vary: Living in an apartment, being a renter, having shaded or poorly oriented roof often excludes you from residential rooftop solar. And not everyone has the will or upfront investment to install solar on their roof.

At halo community solar, we believe that these obstacles shouldn’t stop you from getting the benefits of solar energy.
Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, live in an apartment, a house, or own a business, halo community solar can work for you. If you are looking for a way to reduce your electricity bill, give back to your local community and help protect the environment, our community solar program is made for you!

This is the power of community solar: to make solar accessible to all.

Click on the links below to learn more and read some inspiring stories about community solar.

Why it Matters:



You promote a renewable source of energy that actively removes carbon dioxide on a large scale


You generate savings, which you can re-invest in what really matters to you


Community solar power residential and commercial customers alike, so you can have a subscription for your home and for your business


You find a way to “do your part” for the environment that fits into your busy life


You find a way to “do your part” for the environment that fits into your busy life