Why choose Halo?

We’re changing the notion of energy — the way we source it, the way we use it, the way we think about it. With Halo Solar, you can be a change agent in the transition to solar energy. When you subscribe to our pioneering community solar program, you make one simple step toward a better tomorrow — plus you save money, by using more cost-effective locally farmed energy.

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Automatic Billing

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You will save money on your electricity bill

Joining is Easy

Community solar makes going solar and saving money simple. With Halo Solar, your commitment to help generate clean energy is rewarded. When solar credits are applied to your bill, you can save up to 10% on your electricity.
The world is facing new and increasing challenges: pollution, changing climate, rise in energy use. Clean energy can be a part of the solution. A meaningful change to how we source, use and view energy is on the horizon, but it takes every individual’s action to help push things forward. You can be a part of this revolution.

Joining is Safe:

  • our experienced team has been successfully installing solar farms in local communities for over a decade
  • we work with your current energy provider to secure reliable service
  • we are committed to transparently communicating where and how we source and deliver our energy