What happens if I move?

January 18, 2019

If you move within the same electricity provider area as your old address, you can keep your subscription and your savings with you. You simply need to notify Halo in advance so that we can send your bills to the right property. If you move within a different area as your old address but that the l...

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How do I know if I qualify?

The main eligibility criteria to join Halo Community Solar is to be in the same electricity provider zone as the community solar array. After you have filled the form to join the program, you will be contacted by a Halo representative to guide you through your subscription and answer any other quest...

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How does Halo help the environment?

Solar energy is a clean source of electricity because unlike coal or gas, it does not emit any CO2 or other harmful greenhouse gases that cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. By subscribing to Halo Community Solar, you are contributing to reducing air pollution, fighting climate cha...

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Do I have to maintain anything?

Absolutely not. This is one of the many benefits of Halo Community Solar. All maintenance is handled by Halo. We own, operate and maintain the array for up to 20 years and make sure that it functions properly. You can simply sign up and save knowing that you contribute to clean energy in your commun...

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Do I have to pay anything upfront to enroll?

There is no entrance fee or upfront investment to participate in the Halo Community Solar Program. We are able to offer a subscription at a discounted rate thanks to the incentives received by state programs like the SMART program (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) or the New York Sun program. T...

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How much will I save?

By subscribing to Halo Community Solar, you will save up to 10% on your electricity bill. Savings are determined by the solar credits that are applied to your bill, representing your portion of the electricity produced by the arrays. You pay for the electricity generated by the community solar proje...

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Do I need to be a homeowner to participate?

You do not need to own your home to participate in Halo Community Solar. Renters can still participate in Halo Community Solar as long as they are paying for their electricity and the property consuming electricity is located in the same electricity service area as the community solar array. For any...

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What areas does Halo service?

Halo Community Solar is present in the state of Massachusetts and will soon be available in New York. We are growing and always looking to power more homes with clean energy. If your area is not serviced at the time, we can contact you once a project becomes available in your area....

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